About Me

On a brisk April morning, I was born in Karamursel (Turkey), a very small town by the Sea of Marmara. My childhood was not extraordinary except several attempts to make money! I remember the days I organized town kids to have a street raffle with our old toys. With no cost, it was a very profitable business. Good ideas always bring competitors and we had several of those in different streets. But being the first, having good connections, and threatening our fellow friends with not playing with them ever again made us the market leader. I had no idea that I was actually running a company with real employees at that time. Of course, salary was paid with ice-cream. This was my very first attempt in entrepreneurship. I was about 8.

I played handball on my high school team for 6 years. I was always scared that my hands were going to be bigger than usual because of it. Interestingly though, everywhere but my hands got bigger and bigger. I was gaining weight regardless of intense training. There is one person to blame of course...My mom!! She is so good at cooking that you eat at a rate above your performance. No wonder I didn't have any boyfriends back then. Oh mom, that was your biggest plan, right? :)

I always wanted to be an engineer. Then I got into Chemical Engineering, phew! It was no similar to organizing a raffle or playing a handball game. It was challenging, intense..But it was good, really good. It gave me analytical thinking power. I was able to see the big picture and be realistic by using quantitative skills. I am a proud engineer now..oh and I lost about 30 lbs :)

Aside from a diploma, college gave me my other half...My precious..I immediately fell in love with him. His smile means a world to me. Even his sole presence makes me feel so secure..Finally, I found my most peaceful place on earth: his shoulder.

And I am a mother to two #whydidIwaitthislongtohaveyou, #Icantimaginealifewithoutyou babies. Maya and Batu..I love you!

To be continued...as I get older...

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